1. When will my order arrive?
This is all about when you ordered and whether I have the materials in stock. I have a processing time of up to 6 weeks. This includes any material errands and drying times. The best way is to ask via E-Mail for the processing of your order just before you order.

2. Can I buy a single plug/tunnel?
Sure! Write me an E-Mail then you I will take a note to your order or you can note it by yourself while ordering in the field called “order notice”. It costs about half of the regular price.

3. Can you make me something individual?
If you give me a precise description of what you can imagine, I try to fulfill your individual customer’s wishes. Write me an E-Mail and describe as precisely as possible what you want.

4. Can you make me plug/tunnel xy in a different size?
Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. It depends on the pendant and the size of the setting. Often the pendant for small plugs/tunnels are too heavy or the settings are simply not bigger or smaller. All plugs/tunnels up to 36 mm can be produced larger. 99% of all other sizes are in their realizable size.

5. Why does the processing period last so long?
That’s just because I do most of this stuff by myself.  Dry times and material errands should be considered. I also do all of this in my leisure time, so I have to work and spend time with my personal life too. For all reseller products: I am waiting for further orders to give a bulk order.

6. Can you finish my order up to a certain time?
I am very endeavor to finish your orders as soon as possible. Even if you tell me that you need the jewelry to a certain date I will do my best. Nevertheless, I think it is a bit insolently, because the order of customers who wait patiently is placed on hold. If you need something to a certain date, please ask BEFORE ordering.

7. Are you looking for someone to promote your products?
Not at the moment.

8. Can I exchange my tunnels/plugs for “Reason XY”?
You can complain all orders within 14 days if your jewelry is still in it’s unopened packaging. As soon as you disengage the sticker your plugs/tunnels are excluded from the exchange. Incidentally, I note the attempt to glue this sticker back onto it’s foil because these labels are permanently that are extremely difficult to remove.

9. Which packaging materials do you use?
At first I recycled most of the plastic bags I got from my own orders. Since these had to be stapled in order to comply with the hygiene regulations, I switched to cellophane bags. They are biodegradable and can be disposed of in organic waste. The labels are permanently stickers that have been produced from recycled paper. To pack your jewelry for shipping I mostly use old newspapers or filling material, which I got through various orders. EVERYTHING IS RECYCLED.

10. What’s the difference between Hoops and Hanger?
Hanger are primarily to be hung in your stretched ears. Of course you can do that with hoops as well, but the whole thing will not work the other way. Hanger are often thicker and therefore they fit not with the standard 1.6 mm ear holes.